Facilitating Collaboration in Darfur: Organizations Working with Women in Darfur, Sudan on Sexual Violence and the Rule of Law

The deteriorating humanitarian situation in Sudan has led to an increase in the activities of international organizations working towards humanitarian relief, international protection, and international justice. In addition to grassroots organizations that have been working in Sudan to promote women’s rights in their local communities, many organizations are devoting countless time and resources to upholding and protecting the rights of women in Darfur to be free from violence and gain access to justice. To that end, the Global Justice Center has assembled this directory of organizations working with women in Darfur, Sudan. The organizations surveyed in this directory provide a range of services for women. From subsidizing basic needs, to documenting rape cases, to enabling women to take active part in the peace process, these organisation are encouraging women to assume their rightful place in Sudanese society. The support provided by the contributing organizations is vital to Sudanese women at this crucial time in their history.

Global Justice Center