There is no ‘Honour’ in Killing. Don’t Let them Get Away with Murder (Booklet on Criminal Procedures)

This publication provides a comprehensive guide to analysing 'crimes of honour' in Pakistan from both a practical and academic perspective. This booklet provides information on the relationship between Islam and 'crimes of honour', and the inconsistent and ineffective actions of the Pakistani justice system in these crimes. Recent case summaries, academic arguments, and statistics are provide, revealing reasons for the continuation ofkaro kari, such as the silence in society that surrounds the inhumane practice, and reduced sentences based on the English law creation of 'provocation' (which although technically defunct continues to be recognised by the courts). The investigation and preliminary procedures into reported cases of honour crimes are scrutinised and suggestions to aid victims to report honour crimes are provided.

Shah, H.Q.
Publisher and location: 
Shirkat Gah: Lahore, PK