“Karo-Kari: A Form of Honour Killing in Pakistan”

This article conducts a systematic review of the published literature other sources on karo-kari and related forms of honour killing or violence against women. Media and non-governmental organization reports are utilized for case studies and analysis. Although legally proscribed, socio-cultural factors and gender role expectations have given legitimacy to karo-kari within some tribal communities. In addition to its persistence in areas of Pakistan, there is evidence that karo-kari may be increasing in incidence in other parts of the world in association with migration. Moreover, perpetrators of ‘honour killings’ often have motives outside of female adultery. The author suggests that analysis of the socio-cultural and psychopathological factors associated with the practice of karo-kari can guide the development of prevention strategies.

Patel, Sujav and Amin Muhammad Gadit
Source publication: 
Transcult Psychiatry 45: p. 683-694