The Dark Side of ‘Honour’: Women Victims in Pakistan

The booklet highlights the practice of 'honour killings' and emphasises on the lack of awareness, statistics and media coverage that the custom of karo kari receives. It, furthermore, provides details of recent cases of honour killings in Pakistan. It comments on the inadequacies and positive sex discrimination that exists in the Pakistani legal system, as follows: the Zina Ordinance and the Qisas and Diyat laws have hampered equality and development for women; the courts continued recognition of the defence of provocation despite the formal repeal of provocation legislation; and the lack of full and proper police investigation of honour crimes. In light of these findings, the report proposes a way forward through modern legislative reform, educational programmes and enforcement of international conventions which advance the protection and development of women.

Ali, Rabia
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Shirkat Gah and Women Living Under Muslim Laws