Egypt: Calling upon feminist sisters all over the world to show solidarity with Egyptian women!


First of all, I have to apologize to the readers for any grammatical mistakes, or if I make no sense; my mental capacities are at their lowest level due lack of sleep for three days. On the 25 January, 2011, a revolution began. Tens of thousands of Egyptians headed to Tahrir (Independence Square), the main square of Cairo, to end decades of despotism, tyranny and brutality. The calls came from a Facebook page called ‘We are all Khaled Said’, an Egyptian icon tortured and killed by the policemen. Thousands of people clicked “attending” and the virtual came real. The Mubarak regime cracked down on the peaceful protests, increasing their brutality in the hope that the protesters would give up. But, I am proud to say that we defeated fear; we are claiming our rights!

The revolution is gaining new ground every day. The pharaoh was cornered and he started offering settlements; but, the only answer we will consider is his stepping down from his throne. We will not be happy with the scapegoat he is offering us. Mubarak must leave.

Something that impressed me in this revolution, that made my dreams came true: I saw a feminist movement united, powerful, and engaging in the political situation, a historical precedent. We are united for one cause, regardless of ideology, generation or political affiliation. Women showed a great example in this revolution; they were in the front lines: coordinating, strategizing and implementing. As my dear friend, Mozn Hassan said, we fought in the public and the private realm to claim our rights, and this is the core of our feminist struggle. A day will come when we will tell all the glorious stories of the Egyptian people. We will prove that no matter how long injustice prevails, one day it will always come to an end. 

Finally, I am writing this piece before the Friday of Departure, which will be a crucial day in the history of our nation. I call upon all the feminist sisters all over the world to show their solidarity, support their fellow Egyptian women, and scandalize this brutal regime. 

In solidarity we believe and for liberty we live 

Long live the Egyptian people!       

By Fatma Emam

04 February 2011