Iraq: Women's movement demonstration

In a demonstration on 9 August, women activists in Iraq bravely take a stand against the injustices, absence of basic human rights and broken promises suffered by the women of Iraq. In this empowering video clip, the women of Iraqmany of whom live without electricity or housing take a stand and demand a government which caters, understands and feels the miseries of all its peopleregardless of gender, race of religion.

Since the regime of Saddam Hussein (1979-2003) to the present day, women rights in Iraq have been ignored.  The need for the government of Iraq to accept responsibility for the security, safety and overall well-being of its citizens is a prominent thread which runs throughout the demonstration.  The demonstrators state that: “We are exposed to death by bombs and sectarian-based killings on a daily basis“.

In a final attempt to be heard, demonstrators appeal  in the name of ethics, politics and the human conscience, to those in power, to provide adequate leadership in order to allow ALL citizens of Iraq to move forward with dignity.