Building Civil Societies – A Guide for Social and Political Action

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Homa Hoodfar and Nelofar Pazira
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This guide is organized in two sections. In Part one we present the history of the WLUML Network, and examine and assess various forms and levels of public participation for upholding and expanding social justice. We discuss different levels of public action and give examples from different countries. Part Two reviews several methods used by social activists around the world, outlines basic principles for preparing and publicizing various forms of solidarity action, and evaluates the limitations and effectiveness of each.

It demonstrates that such participation does not need to be initiated formally, or at official levels by high-ranking individuals, nor justified with cumbersome words. It provides a basic guide on forms of participation for those interested in bringing about a better society and for those who refuse to accept injustice against themselves and others even when legitimised under the banner of culture and tradition.