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1999 - 2005
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The titles listed below can be ordered directly from Baobab for Women's Human Rights. Write to them at for more details. Visit the publications section of the Baobab for Women's Human Rights website for more information and links about other titles which have been produced by them:

Women's Rights in Muslim Laws
This book discusses the most important issues affecting women in Muslim societies, such as the appropriate age of marriage, dower, maintenance, and the right of the parties in a marriage to initiate its dissolution, as well as reproductive rights. It also touches on Hadanah, the custody of children of a collapsed union and women's rights to inheritance. It expands upon existing social and religious mores by directly referencing Islamic laws.
113 pp, A5, 2005

Sharia Implementation in Nigeria: The Journey so far
This book is an update on Sharia issue in Nigeria, writing for the purpose of documenting the genesis of its implementation and the roles being played by Baobab for Women’s Human Rights and other notable NGOs in seeking justice for some of the victims in the implementation of the new Sharia Acts in Nigeria. The book derives its materials from our reports, public lectures, seminar papers and fact-finding missions as well as news reports and court records. It aims at clarifying and explaining the circumstances and background to some of the cases involving women under the new Sharia Penal Codes in the northern part of Nigeria since its inception in 1999.

The goal is to draw attention to the abuse of women’s human rights and the inequality between men and women before the law. Our experiences and strategies, as well as the efforts of other organizations, individuals and the Nigerian media are also highlighted in this document.
45pp, 2003, Download the PDF from Baobab

Divorce - The Dissolution of a Marriage in Muslim Personal Laws in Nigeria
This leaflet sets out the forms of divorce available under Muslim Personal Laws in Nigeria, where the Maliki School of law is followed.

Child Custody and Guardianship
This leaflet sets out the conditions of custody or guardianship available under Muslim Personal laws in Nigeria, where the Maliki school of law is followed. Muslim Personal laws in Nigeria are often referred to as Sharia.