Dossier 9-10

Publication Author: 
December 1991
number of pages: 
Languages available: 
English, French

The Dossiers explore and synthesize a broad range of feelings, interpretations and strategies of women on issues of feminism, nationalism, internationalism, and religion.


  • Nigeria: The Development of Women’s Seclusion in Hausaland, Northern Nigeria by Ayesha Imam.
  • rance: Immigrant Women in France and Racism.
  • Fundamentalism: Refusing Holy Orders by Gita Sahgal and Nira Yuval-Davis.
  • Washing Our Linen: One Year of Women Against Fundamentalism by Clara Connolly.
  • Fundamentalism: A Universal Phenomenon by Nawal El Saadawi.
  • Neo-Islamic Fundamentalism by Bassam Tibi.
  • Women and Art: Urdu Women’s Magazines in the Early Twentieth Century by Gail Minault.
  • The Creative and the Critical An Interview with Jeelani Bano by Sukrita Paul Kumar.
  • Dissident in Art and Psyche: An Interview with Salima Hashmi by Kuma Sankar Majumdar.
  • Palestine: Women, the Hijab and the Intifada by Rema Hammami.
  • Gulf War: Women and Children: Making Feminist Sense of the Persian Gulf Crisis by Cynthia Enloe.
  • Iran: Iranian Women’s Fight Goes On by Ziba.
  • Muslim Immigrant Women in the U.K.: Religion, Homeworking and Homeworkers by Swasti Mitter.