Special Dossier: Shifting Boundaries in Marriage and Divorce in Muslim Communities

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The materials included in this Special Dossier are largely derived from data generated through the WLUML Women and Law programme and its country project components.

  • Editorial Note: Marriage and Divorce in Muslim Communities: Surveying the Shifting Legal and Social Boundaries of Women's Autonomy
  • Personal Status Laws as Defined by the Islamic Republic of Iran: An Appraisal, Mehranguiz Kar and Homa Hoodfar
  • Women's Legal Status in Turkey, Canan Arin
  • Obstacles to Divorce for Muslim Women in Egypt, Amina Chemais
  • Finding Common Ground: Islamic Values and Gender Equity in Reformed Personal Status Law in Tunisia, Patricia Kelly
  • Marriage Contracts and Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia, Lisa Wynn
  • Circumventing Legal Limitation: Mahr and Marriage Negotiation in Egyptian Low-Income Communities, Homa Hoodfar
  • Family and Law in Senegal: Continuity and Change, Fatou Sow
  • Right of Women within the Family: An Overview of the Sri Lankan Experience, Kamalini Wijayatilake
  • Marriage and the Politics of Social Change in India's Muslim Communities, Women's Research and Action Group

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