Nigeria: Tribunal on violations of reproductive health and rights of women

The Tribunal forms part of activities to commemorate 16 days of activism against gender violence 2006, to provide a forum for victims of women’s human rights abuse to speak out against the violations and attract public condemnations of the abuses.
This Tribunal has been scheduled to hold during the forthcoming West Africa/Nigeria Social Forum (NSF) on the 22nd of November, 2006 at the Women Development Centre (WDC) Agege Lagos at 9.00am.
The Tribunal is an informal court comprised of a panel of judges, facilitators, testifiers and the audience. It is also aimed at creating awareness of the violations and seeking redress.

The theme of the Tribunal is “Reproductive Health and Rights of Women”. The sub-themes are HIV/AIDS, FGM, Sexual Assault, Abortion, Rape, VVF, domestic violence and widowhood.

This Tribunal will consist of personal testimonies of victims and survivors of human rights violations as well as experience sharing by persons who have worked in the above areas. A panel of judges will hear live testimonies of victims of reproductive health and rights violations on the above listed sub-themes and deliver a verdict at the end.

The first Tribunal was co-organised by BAOBAB for Women's Human Rights and CIRDDOC in 2001.