UPDATE: Iran: Human rights lawyer Shadi Sadr released from jail

Women Living Under Muslim Laws is very happy to announce that Shadi Sadr was released from Evin Prison on Tuesday, a little after 11 a.m. She returned home to her family earlier than the 6 p.m. time the court had said she would be released. Shadi’s family was planning to welcome her upon her arrival when they saw her standing at the door. Apparently, Shadi Sadr had arrived several hours earlier so that her friends and family would not have to gather outside the prison.
Ms. Sadr, who is known for her work campaigning for women's rights, was arrested on July 17 while she was on her way to Friday prayers in Tehran.

She was released on bail of US $50,000. The accusations against Ms Sadr are that she acted against national security by provoking people to act in a disorderly fashion and to disobey police orders.

On Friday 17 July 2009, at around 11:30 a.m., human rights lawyer and Council member of WLUML, Shadi Sadr, was abducted by a group of officers in civilian clothes while she was walking on Keshavarz Boulevard, Tehran, to a mosque for Friday prayers. According to an eye-witness account, her friends tried to pull her away from her abductors but were unable to do so; Ms. Sadr was "hit badly and dragged so badly that her scarf and manteau (overcoat) was removed from her". She was then forced into a car and taken away. Her abductors did not show any identity cards, warrants, or a reason for her apprehension. This abduction was a targeted act, unlike other arrests of peaceful women human rights defenders in Iran such as at demonstrations. On Sunday 19 July Security Guards called Ms. Sadr’s family asking them to provide bail. Niachian asked the guards what would be acceptable for bail and they told him to bring ID card and salary documents. However, after waiting outside Evin Prison for five hours, the family returned home without her.
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