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"Some say it's a sanctuary for business women. Others see it as another sign of gender segregation in a male-dominated society."
The government in Nagorny Karabakh is giving incentives to encourage couples to get married and have children.
Sur la situation dégradante des droits humains des femmes en Arabie saoudite.
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown writes, "Like everyone, we are creatures of many parts. But we are not allowed such complexities."
La difficulté des architectes algériens à émerger.
Khadijeh Moghaddam, membre du Comité des Mères de la campagne ‘Un Million de Signatures’ et membre des Mères pour la Paix, a été libéré dans l'après-midi du mercredi 16 avril après avoir passé neuf jours en détention.
Pascale Warda, an Assyrian Chaldean Christian, knows what it feels like to be in a minority community and a woman in Iraq. As an activist it is precisely these causes that are important to her. Excerpts from a conversation.
Rizana Nafeek, a Sri Lankan maid, was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia in 2007. Her case is still pending.
"The economic situation has probably hit women hardest, " says a YWCA of Zimbabwe spokesperson.
L’interdiction de la diffusion du film Persepolis révèle l’ampleur de l’influence iranienne.
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