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Women have been special targets of communalist ideology and communalist violence.
Shaima left her violent husband and married a man she loved. They lived happily, but after a few years the police came after her - adultery is illegal in Afghanistan - demanding 4,000 afghanis (£42) in exchange for her freedom.
Perhaps there is no issue in Saudi Arabia more sensitive, more controversial and more shrouded in secrecy and contradictions than the issue of women.
A recent report by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW), Engaging Muslim Women: Issues and Needs, reveals Canadian Muslim women’s affinity and affection for Canada but a lack of engagement in the political, social and economic life of the country.
A case study of South Africa by WLUML networker Rashida Manjoo in which she outlines the implications of a lack of debate on identity politics in South Africa, and the apparent conflation of culture and religion with other identity issues.
Muslim women in Britain feel their views are being ignored because community leaders and male-dominated national Muslim organisations are failing to represent them, according to a recent government report.
A casenote on a recent House of Lords case on gender as a 'particular social group' under the 1951 Refugee Convention - including a striking dictum from Baroness Hale, the first female Law Lord.
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