A long-awaited bill on women's rights has been presented before Pakistan's National Assembly.
If the President really wants to help women in prison, he would do well to repeal the Hudood Ordinances.
What are we to make of the President's stated commitment to women's rights, as articulated on several occasions ...
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has vowed to protect a woman who faces being murdered by members of her own tribe in an honour killing.

Findings from the Shirkat Gah "Women, Law and Status Programme" involving broad based and systematic research into honour crimes in Punjab, North Western Frontier Province and Sindh.

The Hudood Ordinances were promulgated in 1979 by Zia-ul-Haq in his drive towards Islamisation.
Justice (retd.) Rizvi is Chairperson of the National Commission on the Status of Women.
This paper by Farida Shaheed, produced for Dawn's Political Restructuring and Social Transformation Programme, outlines the spaces, strategies and contradictions arising from women's political involvement in South Asia.
Une coalition islamiste a imposé la charia dans la région du nord-ouest.
Pakistan and the United Kingdom have agreed to set up a body in each country to assist those seeking legal assistance relating to the wrongful and illegal removal of children.
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