Afghanistan: Just peace and national unity in Afghanistan by McMaster University (Canada) and Afghan Women's Council

Afghanistan Women Council (AWC)
More than 250 Afghan women participated in the seminar, from all walks of life, viz., NGOs, schools, educators, writers, scholars, media, teachers of Afghan schools were participated and every one expressed their wishes regarding peace and National unity.
All participants had high expectations for restoration of their rights in the future and their participation in the administration system of the country and they expressed their concern on the previous armed men and warlords and limited seats in the current Loya Jirga in the country for women.
Ms. Fatana Said Gailani the head of AWC had given her speech on behalf of the AWC members. She drew the attention of the international community, United Nations, Amnesty International and the Interim Government of Afghanistan to the need for rehabilitation of peace and national unity especially restoration of Human Rights and women rights in the country. She showed her concern on the security in Afghanistan and appealed the International community and United Nations, specially the US Government to take proper measures against the current on going fighting in the country and start the weapon collection from the armed factions in the country.

Ms. Gailani said that the modern community of the world believes on democracy, but nowadays they are blind to see what is going on in Afghanistan from the military fighting to the US bombardment to the rape and slavery of women in the presence of US army. She informed the international community and requested them to recognize the AWC as an independent organization not affiliated with any political party or any ethnic grouping, therefore, AWC should be heard carefully. She added that they believe on democracy and fight for the human rights, women and children’s rights in the country. She added that the real representatives of the people should be taken in to Loya Jerga as one of the right steps to be taken from the beginning. She also asked for having a seminar of solidarity of peace and national unity in Kabul to address the ethnic problem in the country especially that is growing in the northern part of Afghanistan.

She strongly vowed her concern on the number of dead bodies lying and found in the various Provinces of Afghanistan specially recently in Bamyan and requested the International community, particularly the US Government to find the killers of the hundreds of innocent people of Bamyan and bring them to justice. She added that when one person is killed from the US Army or the others in the alliance, whole area is destroyed in revenge, but when hundreds of local people were killed in the north and individual or mass graves are being found for many others in Bamyan but no body asking the killers.

She made an appeal to the Afghan Women that they should use this good opportunity for having solidarity and unity among them, without any discrimination, come together, strengthen their voice, and should not allow any one to play with their lives and their future. She requested all journalists, writers, and the media people to reflex their voice, their concern about women’s rights in the family, community, society and their future to the international community and the world media. She warned women to be ready for an active participation in the Government system side by side with the men in the country.

The seminar ended at about 5:00 PM with the announcement of the seminar’s result as follows:

Interferences of outdoor players should be stop in Afghanistan.

The interim Government was asked to keep Afghanistan as a no side country and give attention to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the war damaged country.

Appeal was made to the Interim Government to give attention to finish the discriminations of ethnic groups and established peace and National unity in the country.

Afghans were used in the past several years for the destruction of their country and that was because of the lack of education. The Interim Government was asked to give strong attention to education.

As most of the pervious commanders are still in power with the changed faces of peacekeepers which is more dangerous for the future of the country. The interim Government was asked to remove them from their positions and give the positions to the right people so the country is moved in the right direction.

The interim Government was asked to give chance to the people’s representatives to represent their people and build up peace which the whole nation looking for. They asked the interim Government not to force people to except what ever the US and others are asking for.

In the end, the Director of AWC thanked Dr. Seddiq Werra for arranging the seminar of Peace and National Unity in such a critical and short time.

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