A Study of Violence Against Women in Iran

This is one of the most pivotal studies on violence against women in Iran, a subject for which there are few researches and statistics. A Study of Violence Against Women in Iran includes six chapters, beginning in chapter one with the question: “Why is challenging violence against women an urgent matter?” Chapter 2 addresses the various domains where violence against women is perpetrated (public and private). In Chapter 3, Kar addresses the roots of violence against women, touching upon the legal system, the cultural make up of Iranian society, and the courts. Chapter 4 discusses the different forms of violence against women (physical, sexual, psychological, economic, and political) as well as the prices we pay as women and as a society for the occurrences of violence. Chapter five presents how victims as well as advocates/specialists describe violence against women. Kar provides us with methods of resistance in chapter 6. [in Persian]

Kar, Mehrangiz
Publisher and location: 
Roshangaran & Women's Studies Publishing: Tehran