“‘Stoning not in contrast with human Rights!’ Mohammad Javad Larijani Press Conference”

The secretary general of Iran’s HumanRights Committee, Dr. Mohammad Javad Larijani, stated that the “West” had had an extensive propaganda campaign against Iran on human rights issues, most of which are caused by political incentives. With regards to stoning, he adds that “stoning is neither torture nor an incongruous punishment.” He stated that practically, stoning is no longer fulfilled in Iran and that the recent case in Takistan (in 2007) was caused by a personal mistake of the judge. He stated that despite what “Westerners” thought, stoning is not a disproportionate punishment for the crime of adultery and is not torture – thus it does not violate Iran’s responsibilities towards its signed international human rights treaties. He also stated that as long as stoning exists in the law books, it will be in the judges’ capacity to use them.

But Larijani does admit that some religious scholars say that stoning is not sanctioned in the Holy Quran and doubt that in the time of the Prophet Muhammad stoning was carried out by Muslims.  He went on to say that the Islamic essays, like Jewish creeds, are open to discussions on this matter. He admits that the judge in the Takistan case was improper but not in violation of the law. But Iran, he argues, is not embarrassed or ashamed concerning its stoning law.

Javad Larijani, Mohammad
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Translated by Niloofar Shahmohammadani, Edited by Navid Vafaee.