Pakistan: Update on earthquake relief efforts

Shirkat Gah
Many thanks for those of you who have donated to help survivors of the Pakistan earthquake.
Shirkat Gah (WLUML Regional Coordination Office) in Lahore has been working at several levels: 1) mobilizing funds, 2) purchasing and sending relief goods and 3) facilitating and connecting individuals with the Joint Action Committee (JAC) effort.
They have contributed directly both to Sungi and to the camp set up by Labor Party (member of JAC, Lahore).

We have received heartening word from Farida Shaheed of Shirkat Gah. NGOs and others are improvising practical tents successfully and are carrying them to inaccessible areas on foot. Indeed, as she notes, the UN has confirmed that no enough tents currently exist in the world to accommodate the 3 million homeless in northern Pakistan.

So please donate if you can. Our friends in Pakistan need your help and they are making good use of the resources. Please see the original appeal for donations for more information.

In solidarity,