Zenab for Women in Development (ZWD)

ZWD is a community-based organization working to create sustainable agriculture initiatives for women farmers; prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS; eliminate the practice of FGM; and respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur. A special focus of the organization is promoting girls’ education, especially in poor communities, and to provide capacity-building workshops for women leaders. ZWD has offices in Khartoum, Darfur, and El Gedarif as well as in the United States and has UN consultative status.

Office No.1:

Address: Diem Hammad Dist., House no. 6, 
P. O. Box 79 
El Gedarif City, 
Sudan Tel: +249 1549981617; 
Mobile : +2499 12983931, 
Fax: +249 1549981617

Office No. 2:

Address: Khartoum 3
BeuouQuan Street, cross Alsenaat street with Algezeera street House No. 3, Khartoum
, Sudan

Tel: +249 155140491;

Mobile: +249 918220376

Fax: +249 155140491

Office No. 3:

Address: East Alwadi Dist., Near Mosque Ukeer 
S. Darfur, 

Tel: +249 711837821; 

Fax : +249 711837821