Inter African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children in Africa – Nigeria

IAC- NIGERIA is a National NGO with operational presence in 26 states of the country; as an affiliate of IAC African Region it is committed to the elimination of all Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPS) that impinge on the reproductive health, rights and well-being of women and children and also raising the socio economic and political status of women. This is achieved through Advocacy and Social Mobilization, Capacity Building Workshops, Training, Information, Education, Communication (TIEC) Campaign and Research. Identified traditional practices include: Female Genital Mutiliation; Child Marriage; Teenage Pregnancy; Violence Against Women; Widowhood Rights and Rites; Unhygienic Delivery Practices; Nutritional Taboos; Uvulectomy; Tribal Marks; and Body Scarification.