(Ordinance no 93-015 du 2 mars 1993 protant Principles d’Orientation du Code Rural). Niger’s 1993 Rural Code brings together in one document diverse legislation regulating rural areas, and explicitly raises customary law to the same status as statutory law (Article 5) and recognizes customary property rights (article 8). Its specific objectives are to:

-          Provide land tenure security for rural stakeholders.

-          Organize the rural world.

-          Promote sustainable management of natural resources, and

-          Land-use management and planning.

Furthermore it envisages defining and registering all existing rights over land and natural resources, registering land transactions and rights transfers and making provision for mediation of disputes over land and natural resources governance.

Source publication: 
Recueil des textes, édition 2008, Comité National du Code Rural, Secrétariat Permanent